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My most recent role as a UX researcher and experience designer was at Buildxact, an international construction software company dedicated to helping residential builders achieve greater success, by being more accurate and save time. I played a key role in driving product growth within the construction ecosystem by enhancing the user experience. Previous experience as a UX designer were in domains like: education, property, encryption.

I possess a deep understanding of complex systems and the importance of cross-team collaboration in achieving business goals and fostering innovation.

Having graduated in Media and Psychology, I have embraced design thinking and human-centered principles, shifting my focus towards research. I firmly believe that validating business or design hypotheses is pivotal in achieving exceptional product design experiences.

I am genuinely excited and endlessly curious about the ever-evolving landscape of user experience, including AI, AR/VR, wearables, and gestural controls.

As a passionate UX researcher and product designer, I am committed to creating extraordinary user experiences.

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Agile, Design Thinking (Double Diamond), Lean UX, Product Led Growth


Affinity Mapping, Competitor Analysis, Data Analytics, Heuristic Analysis, Interviewing, Journey Mapping, Personas, Qualitative & Quantitative Research Methods, Workshop facilitation


Design Systems, Prototyping, Sketching, Responsive & Adaptive Design, Storyboarding, User/System Flows, Wireframing


Card Sorting, First-click testing, Lab Testing, Remote Testing, Test Scripts, Treejack


AirTable, Asana, Axure RP, Adobe Creative Suite, Calendly, Confluence, Dovetail, Figma, Fullstory, G-Suite, Hotjar, JIRA, Keynote, Lookback, Miro, Optimal Workshop, Pendo, Principle, Sketch, Slack, Storybook, Trello.

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