A responsive web app to allow split payments quicker. (Development in progress)

Product Designer

Aim of UX Research

- Validate the current developed web app scope out potential features.

- Validate empathy towards this payment approach.

- Monitor if testers conclude goals and tasks.

Some of my tasks involved:

Lab Testing

The web app checkout system was tested in a simulated scenario (cafe/restaurant) where users would walk in the space, order food, and are transitioned to the testing in question, i.e. the checkout payment gateway for split bills via a QR code.    

Success Metrics

The results of the testing helped the business to identify key issues to address and the whole viability of the project.

The report generated outlined the behavior and outcome success of each individual against goals of scanning the QR code, selecting items for checkout and payment. A follow-up anonymous survey was launched to gauge the sentiment of the application as well as to gather feedback on the simulation exercise.