Product Designer



UX deliverables

- Map customer journeys shared between builders and homeowners

- Validate homeowners’ and builders’ needs

- Priotize features based on an MVP approach, but planning IA to scale

- Ideate, prototype, and test

MyHome client portal

A portal for a home-owner to access progress, messaging services and documents with their appointed builders.

Some of my tasks involved:

Stakeholder management


Periodic cycles with catchup meeting assured the MVP was executed in a time manner, with updates given to ciritcal stages of the design process.

User Research


The research took the shape of in-depth interviews to better understand user needs. Assumptions were clarified while better scoping was defined.



A full click-through prototype was set up to test information architecture, navigation, labeling, small screen interaction. This later was used as walk-thorugh material for the development team


With a fully clickable prototype, we tested the product first internally than externally. Capturing insight and refining design based on quantitive data

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