An estimation and job management system for builders, suppliers, and subcontractors

Product Designer

UX deliverables

- Better understanding of users and their pain points, advocating HCD across the business 

- Better onboarding and reduction of churn

- Design and delivery of new modules like an integrated CRM and client portal

Some of my tasks involved:

Double Diamond Process

The company grew from an engineering team of 3 to a current force of +50. This meant advocacy of a design thinking process had to be established and maintained. Workshops, agile methodology, show and tell, all contributed to a mature production team

Design System 

The revision from legacy to new models meant the system had to go through a lengthy process of redesigning. At this stage, all elements were redesigned to keep in line with a visual guideline but as well to behave in an orderly manner. The UX for elements and flows was established to avoid future tech debt and inconsistencies. 

User Interviews

Most interviews are done remotely and are of two types: directional and foundational. The first being more around specific pain points while foundational covers wider data relating back to the customer and journey map. 


The subscription model for a Saas company leans heavily on product stickiness and usability. Effort periodically is allocated to better onboarding.

Continous surveys to better understand a trial experience, identifying critical paths and goals as well analysis of telemetry to derive a frictionless optimum onboarding.


The constant flux of information over the years and expansion of the feature list meant that periodically we revise persona definition.

Research Repo

Scaling the team of UX designers and Project Managers meant that more feedback and knowledge was being captured in silo. The implementation of a research repository was essential, and an ongoing process of refinement. Scaling and deep drill of information are paramount.